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move. the violence escalated yesterday after israel launched an attack killing a top military chief. the military says so far it hit 340 targets but gaza fired back 450 rockets. developing news now. 4 people dead after a train slammed into a parade float carrying war veterans. this is new video. the collision happened in texas around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon during a parade to honor wounded veterans. a spokesperson says 17 people were injured, including 10 who are in critical condition. here are still photos taken by a newspaper photographer. you can see the truck that was carrying the vets. the parade was to end at a
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banquet honoring them. those events have all been canceled. a spokesperson says the train sounded its horn before hitting the floats and the crossing gates and lights were working. republicans blasted the obama administration's handling of the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. that attack killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens who was from the bay area. one senator said the president lied about what happened. >> this administration, including the president himself has intentionally misinformed, read that, lied to the american people in the after math of this tragedy. >> tomorrow the former head of the -- former cia director david petraeus is scheduled to testify. secretary of state hillary clinton is also scheduled to testify at the hearings.
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hillary clinton would appear next month. new information about the water main break in daly city. the flow of mud and water was twice as big as first thought. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in daly city. >> reporter: at first the city said 45,000 gallons of water came from that pipe, sending mud flowing down the hill into a park. we have video from news chopper 2, showing you the effected area. the city says 97,000 gallons of water came from that pipe. a believable amount given the mess left behind. >> reporter: piles of hey rolled out on mud, these are the steps the city is taking to shore up a mudslide with rain on the way.
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>> not to have any mud flow impacts. dress the concerns -- address the concerns they have. >> reporter: this is tuesday morning after a water main break sent mud flowing into the neighborhood, burring the street and cars in mud. today the street is clear but the park is still buried in mud. the goal is to stop more mud from coming down into the streets. >> here is what crews were able to do in 36 hours, dig this channel so any rain that falls this weekend should be trapped right here and stay out of the park and the neighborhood. >> reporter: any water should go into the storm drain. the city says it was an old cast iron pipe that failed, it will be fixed later. the priority is to make sure the rain doesn't make the problem worse. >> we will have crews assigned to make sure the structure is functioning the way it was
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designed to. >> reporter: you can see that park bench buried. that is the hillside park. the next step will be to restore the park and shore up the hillside. two projects that could take months. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu's chief meteorologist mill m is tracking -- bill martin is tracking the rain. how is it looking? >> checking out the rain, it is off shore. it will be here over night into tomorrow. we have two systems. number one, storm number one. storm number two. this is the first one. gets here tonight. as it moves in we are seeing a few showers just a few miles off shore. 40 miles off shore. rain coming our way. not real heavy stuff. as far as the mud, i don't think that will be a huge
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issue. the roads will be wet. when i come back, we will toggle through each day. high-speed rail is closer to becoming a reality but tonight there is new criticism. ktvu's rob roth joins us with c project. rob? >> reporter: in this court document, a top manager for the high-speed rail project raises concerns about meeting a major construction deadline. some worry missing the deadline could cost billions of dollars. >> the deadline for completing the first raise of the high- speed rail project is march of 2017. but a deglers filed called --
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declaration filed called it extremely -- faster in terms of dollars per day than the bay bridge project. miss the deadline and california tack payers may have to pay back $2.3 billion if the project is not completed on time. >> all the money could be demanded back. >> spokesman says the only requirement is to spend the money by 2017, which it intends to do. but delays could stop the flow of federal money. >> the state may be wasting $3 million state money, but $6 billion state and federal money. >> hear is set for tomorrow to stop the project till a lawsuit is decided next year. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
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an update on breaking news in hayward. several police cars are in the area of "c" and 7th street. news chopper 2 flew over head. it is not clear what type of activity is going on. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. police are looking for a man suspected of burglarizing a home. they up tained a arrest warrant for a man -- obtained a arrest warrant for a man who broke into a home in february. the san francisco 49ers are hoping to have their head coach back at practice tomorrow after he was hospitalized tomorrow. officials say jim harbaugh was sent to stanford hospital for a minor procedure after he had a irregular heartbeat last night. he is 48 years old. today's practice was run by
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brad seely. the team's next game is monday night when they host the chicago bears. the fda is warning fans of 5 hour in-- 5-hour energy, it could have contributed to 13 deaths. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where other energy drinks are also coming under scrutiny. >> reporter: that's right. these drinks are getting a lot of negative attention. >> reporter: they can barely keep it in stock. >> some people buy like six for the next two days. >> reporter: 5-hour energy shots sell out quickly in this busy neighborhood. >> reporter: who buys these? >> workers at the hotels, business people. they come in to get a quick boost. >> reporter: it is getting unwelcomed attention from the food and drug administration. since 2008 the fda received reports of 13 deaths and 30
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life threatening injuries. >> i think we will find out that anybody who dies probably had preexisting heart disease. >> the fda last month said there were 5 fatality reports mentioning monster. he challenged them to prove the product is safe for young people. >> guidelines say they should have no more than 100-milligram as day. a 16-ounce monster drink has 160-milligrams. >> reporter: 5-hour energy told ktvu it is unaware of any deaths proven to be caused by 5- hour energy. he says proving a link is a question of timing. >> i think the timing of when they took the -- the -- the -- the energy drink and the start of system is a clue that maybe
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there is a connection there. >> reporter: researchers have just begun examining hundreds of california emergency room cases that involve energy drinks. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. leaders in sacramento said they don't plan to go on a spending spree despite news of a budget surplus. >> we need to pay down debt, put money aside for the next down turn. and then we do need to restore and reinvest in education, higher education. health and public safety. >> they are pricking california should have a $1 billion surplus by 2015 and it could grow to $9 billion in 5 years. apple fell out of the elite club today after stock prices
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plunged. they joined the $500 billion club in february. today apple closed at $526, losing 2%. it decreased their cap to $495 billion. if you ride bart on weekends get ready for delays. crews are doing track maintenance so bart riders should expect 10-15 minute delays. you should also expect delays in the transbay tunnel due to work and improvements. a set back for a school district as a lawsuit accuses it of protecting in effective teachers. the lawsuit claims education is being harmed on rules on how and when to discipline teachers. new evidence about the
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dangers of flame retardants, the link researchers found in hundreds of children. and watch all of our newscasts live on our mobile app, get traffic, weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere on your ipad.
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parents at st. frances cabrini catholic elementary school are outraged at a sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school event. last month mark christopher gurries was at the school festival but wasn't arrested because he had written permission. which is legal in california. they admitted to writing that letter but said their policy
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has since been changed. he was equilibriumed in 20 -- quicked in 2010 -- convicted in 2010. findings presented to the committee on bay area transportation today, the hearing focused on why the price of gas spiked so severely this year. >> prices spiked and we said this equilibriums everything we learned -- contradicts everything we learned in school. gas prices have dropped 10 cents a gallon in the past week. in san francisco $3.94 a gallon. oakland $3.82. and san jose $3.78 for a gallon. at we can help you fill up for less. look under the business tap on
6:16 pm to find the least expensive gas prices. flame retardant compounds are linked to developmental delays in children. pbde is found in foam, furniture, carpets and carpets and other stuff. whether to turn down the sound at a popular plaza. the plaza is a gathering spot for many musicians. now they are considering setting limits on night time sound. they will discuss the issue on monday. a man has been looking for a sign and now he says he found that sign in a most unlikely place.
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ktvu's jade hernandez went to see that symbol for herself. >> reporter: holding it in his hands, see an image of a cross embended in the trunk of a -- embedded in the trunk of a tree. he had been looking for a sign from his brother who died a month ago. his faith in god wavered when he felt he couldn't cope with the loss. >> it is here. maybe he is telling me everything -- it is okay. going to be okay. >> reporter: this is the trunk where the cross came from. the imprint didn't go all the way through. >> it is only right where they cut the tree. >> reporter: the gm says the display is offering comfort to
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many others. he is not surprised. he teaches about the virgin mary. >> god manifests his presence in all different kinds of ways. this is a naturally occurring mark. >> makes a believer out of everybody. >> reporter: even those with wavering faith. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. we have been talking about it, rain is on the way. we will check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin on when it is supposed to get here. >> next 48 hours, and beyond. get ready for slower commuters. drizzle off shore at this hour. 23 miles from san francisco and from you in concord, 54 miles. it is still out there. it does get here late tonight,
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drizzle before then, showers late tonight, tomorrow morning. that has a big impact on the morning commute. friday. afternoon commute too. storm one warm, storm two cold. this gets here friday. this gets here saturday. they will pack rain. neither is giant. but combined we could see a couple inches of rain. here is storm number two, saturday. cooler one. drop snow levels. on friday, 5-6,000 feet. this drops down to 35-3800 feet and a.m. showers. saturday storm, over night saturday and sunday morning. okay? friday. and then we have over night saturday and sunday morning. so here we go, tomorrow morning. scattered showers, there will
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be wet on the roadways. lunchtime, few scattered showers. mainly in the north bay. scattered showers, san jose. this is not a big deal. nuisance showers. then more grieve in the evening. wet at 5:00 p.m. that is tomorrow. saturday, here comes friday night. that is heavier. that is the back edge. saturday morning. see what is happening? saturday morning is wet. saturday afternoon, not bad. here comes saturday night over night into the next weather system. sunday, doesn't look bad. moist flow. the timing on this is sketchy at best because of the nature of the systems. come back tonight. i have the basic idea, right? friday and saturday over night but the timing moves this way, that way as we move into the next 24 hours. at 10:00 p.m.
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i will update that forecast. steve paulson will update the forecast. get the umbrellas out. >> going to be wet. thank you. ben roethlisberger said new standards by banks may -- federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said new standards, he says it swung too far the other way. the lending standards are slowing growth. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, the scene of a noisy protest in downtown san francisco that is bringing out both sides of the debate. and what the train company is saying tonight about the train that struck a float carrying u.s. military veterans. bay area news at 7:00 on tvjoin us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 -- join us for these stories and more on bay area news at
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7:00 on tv 36. hear from your national league mvp coming up next.
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dozens of people lined up today for a turkey give away. they team up with the food bank. in addition to the turkeys, the church gave away boxes loaded with kitchen stipples and fresh produce. volunteers say they give away food to 500 families a week. mark ibanez joins us night. >> career threatening injury, and then just took off from day one, you know, safe to say statistics don't tell the story of buster posey's value to the giants. although his numbers are good. voters took notice of his worth. he receives 27-32 first place vote, for the national league mvp. for buster posey, his world championship, come back player of the year, batting title and
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the national league mvp. >> resiliency and perseverance of each guy on the team. different guy stepping up every night. blast. great memories. main goal is to win, do what you can to help, help your teammates and it goes both ways and we got guys on the team that pick me up and help me out. fortunate to play with a great group of guys. >> there you go. the team the giants handled the detroit tigers, the american league most valuable player, miguel cabrera, the triple crown winner, first since 1967. mike trout with the angels finishes a surprising distance second. lot of people thought he might win it. when you talk about buster posey and what he did for the giants, just incredible. they were talking a year ago
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can't even come back from the injury. >> so humble. >> incredible three years for him. he is so young. >> two world championships and looks like the guy next door and that is no act. in the clubhouse, he is the guy you see. >> thank you. a bay area police department mistrusted by the people it is supposed to protect. tonight at 10:00 p.m. the policy change that is meant to improve relations and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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